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Vygotsky Cult and the Vygotsky Bubble/Пузырь Выготского: the 3rd Anniversary of the project!

In a nutshell, the findings of the study, according to the Google Scholar citation rate data:

0. Pretty much as it was predicted back in 2016, Vygotsky's popularity and fame did start declining in 2016.
1. Vygotsky's downfall of 2015-2017 continues well into current 2018.
2. The data shows the negative acceleration, i.e. the increase of the downfall, in 2018.
3. Vygotsky's citation rate in 2018 (as measured in a year from now, around November 3, 2019) is projected quite close to the numerical indicators of this author's citation in 2012.
4. Cumulatively, this means that the "bullish trend" of the last three decades has changed into the "bearish trend" in 2015-2018, as demonstrated by the shape of a virtually classic bell curve that the chart of Vygotsky's citations is taking the form of nowadays.
5. In sum, the "Vygotsky bubble" keeps shrinking, to an unknown end, yet.
6. The same conclusion apparently holds for the citation rate of Vygotsky's key Western advocate and beneficiary of the international Vygotsky's fame, Michael Cole (whose citation data include, as a subset, the citations of Vygotsky-Cole's "Mind in society" of 1978)--albeit with relatively minor correction. Cole's citation rate demonstrates continuous growth up to 2018, with a slightly increasing plateau in 2015-2017, and is predicted to dramatically fall around 700 points (or more) down in 2018, as measured in a year from now (i.e. around November 3, 2019).
7. Thus, this author's projected citation rate in 2018 is predicted to eventually fall down to his pre-peak/plateau citation rate in 2014.

For Vygotsky:

For his author and chief beneficiary, Michael Cole:

HISTORICAL BACKGROUND of the project and research data:
* raw data for 2016 see here: https://psyanimajournal.livejournal.com/13620.html (includes November-December, 2015)
* raw data for 2017 see here: https://psyanimajournal.livejournal.com/15748.html
* raw data for 2018 see here: https://psyanimajournal.livejournal.com/16165.html
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